Code of Conduct

Parents' responsibilities are:

· To encourage sportsmanship by demonstrating acceptable behaviour at all times, for example: by offering appropriate encouragement to team members; by not swearing at any time; by encouraging the shaking of hands at the end of matches and other appropriate sportsmanlike behaviour.

· To respect the decisions of match officials and umpires.

· To be supportive and positive about their and other children’s contribution to the club

· To remain with children under eight during training, unless they make other arrangements with parents who will be present during the training session.

· To remain with any child that has a specific medical needs which may require medication unless the child is able to administer their own medication. It is not appropriate that coaches or other parents are left with this responsibility.

· To be clear about their child's whereabouts, and to agree any arrangements that are made to transport their children to and from matches. The club encourages parental support at matches. Coaches are not responsible for taking colts to matches.

· To ensure that their children are appropriately dressed for cricket and have the correct clothing for the weather conditions.

· To raise any issues about training or playing with the relevant lead coach for their child's age group.

· To understand that they are responsible for their own children. All the people who run F&CCC are volunteers and not professionally employed.

Colts responsibilities are:

· To be sportsmanlike at all times.

· To be supportive of other team members.

· To show respect to the coaches.

· To refrain from using bad language.

· To respect the rules of the Club.

· To arrive on time for training and matches, and to help the coach set up and clear away.

· To inform the coach in good time, if you are unavailable

· To share with their coaches the amount of cricket played during any given week.

· To respect the Club’s property.

· To have fun and enjoy the game of cricket

Good Practice Guidelines Regulations regarding safety and under 19’s

The ECB have produced clear recommendations relating to fielding distances, the wearing of helmets and bowling directives. F&CCC support these recommendations (available to view on request) and will ensure that all coaches are aware of them.

Helmets will be provided by the club to meet ECB requirements.

· The ECB have produced documentation detailing the need for coaches and clubs to be aware of potential child protection issues. The club endorses the regulations and will ensure that all committee members have access to the guidance. All coaches are aware of their responsibilities in this area, and the guidance is available to view on request.

Club responsibilities include:

· Coaches will be advised to ask, prior to selection, if any colts additional playing would contravene the safety regulations.

· The club will endeavour to ensure that all training sessions and all matches are attended by a qualified first aider.

· The club will ensure that an adequate first aid kit and incident book is available on site, and that it will be checked regularly.

· All coaches, parent helpers and umpires/scorers who support the colts section will have carried out the appropriate certifications or checks performed by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). This also applies to captains, umpires and scorers of senior sides where colts play.

· The club will ensure that a minimum of two adults are present at colts training sessions.

· The club is committed to ensuring that colts are able to enjoy developing their cricketing skills and have fun in an environment which is safe, and encourages the support of club members and colts families.

Fareham and Crofton Cricket Club takes its responsibilities towards Colts seriously and believes that these are best fulfilled via a partnership between colts, their parents and the Club. At the beginning of the season all colts and parents are asked to sign the membership form to confirm that they have read and are aware of their responsibilities to their club.

Data Protection

The club keeps information about all members in both manual and electronic data formats. This information is used solely for administrative purposes, it is not shared with or sold to any other party and is deleted when membership ceases.